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Ultralite ALS ID Turbo Kit

Price: $973.35
Item Number: 054-ID
  • Blue-Merge Technology (BMT) Detects 99.5% of all trace evidence.
  • Low Battery Indicator illuminates when the battery power is low.
  • Power Level Indicator.
  • The BMT Head produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor based ALS.
  • The UltraLite ALS Turbo represents the smallest, lightest weight forensic light system in the world.
  • The LEDs on the UltraLite ALS do not have delicate filaments and are not jar sensitive.
  • The expected lifetime of these LEDs is 50,000+ hours.
  • Tripod mount on the top of handle.
  • Lamp Power is selectable with switch.
  • 1-2 hours continuous use at maximum power output.
  • Convenient sized carrying case is lined with die cut foam to provide the ultimate protection.
  • Kit includes UltrraLite handle, BMT Turbo Head, UV Magnum head, charging cord, rechargeable battery, pair of amber glasses.
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