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'TEX' Disposable Magnetic Applicatort w/4 disposable covers

Price: $8.19
Item Number: 500A
The TEX™ magnetic applicator was designed and patented by J.R. Davis, Houston Police Department, retired. The TEX is ideal for use at hazardous crime scenes. Disposable covers prevent cross-contamination from surface to surface, from applicator to kit and from applicator to a jar of powder. The core of the TEX contains a powerful magnet. In many cases, the TEX applicator perform better than many of the permanent magnetic applicators currently on the market. The plastic sheath is also a one-piece design allows for quicker and more convenient disposable cover replacement in the field. All-in-all, this is an excellent applicator for use as a disposable applicator or even as your primary-use applicator. If you want to avoid cross-contamination or just like using a clean applicator for each type of powder, then the TEX is your applicator.

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