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SPR Small Particle Reagent 6-pack

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'SPR' is a simple technique for complex situations. Just mix the contents of an 'SPR' vial, either white or black, into 6 ounces of water. Mix contens vigorously in the mixxing bottle and pour into a spray bottle. While keeping the mixture well shaken, spray the surface using a gentle misting spray. The 'SPR' will stick to the prints. Next, gently mist the area with clean water from another spray bottle to wash away the excess 'SPR'. Repeat the procedure until the print is fully developed and photographed. Prints may also be lifted in the conventional manner after the surface is completely air-dried. Ready-to-use pre-mixed liquid 'SPR' solutions are also available. Our 'SPR' is a new, greatly improved formulation.
    Please specify SPR Black - Catalog #111 or SPR White - Catalog #111A.

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