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'DfS' Physical Developer Kit 'PD3'

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OUT WITH THE OLD - IN WITH THE NEW!  Since components of the original formulation of Physical Developer are NO LONGER available, Doje's introduces a new, more sensitive reagent - PD3

Developer is a Silver Nitrate based reagent which reacts with the lipids, fats, oils and waxes  present in fingerprint residue. The PD3 Physical Developer Kit is a faster process and ready to use by simply mixing the contents of three pre-measured bottles.  Parts A, B & C. Instructions for use included. NOTE:  TO MAINTAIN FRESHNESS AND PROLONG SHELF LIFE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - THIS CHEMICAL FORMULA IS MADE TO ORDER. GROUND SHIP ONLY.

NOTE:  The use of Maleic Acid as a pre-wash for paper evidence is strongly recommended and is included in this kit.

PD3 Part B is available as a replacement/refill in liter and gallon sizes.  Liter Catalog #168       Gallon  Catalog #169

Silver concentrate is available separately in 50ml and 200ml size
Ground Ship Only                                                        

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