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Photomacrographic - Corner Square Metric Scale

Price: $4.07
Item Number: 575
The 8cm x 8cm photomacrographic corner square scale incorporates three circles,to identify and compensate for distortion resulting from oblique camera angles. The graphics read 5cm x 5cm and gradauation tics extend out to 8cm each leg.  Graduations are metric, the width of the legs are one inch wide for standard reference. The centimeter division lines are longer for tracing over and extending across the photographic print for grid purposes. Measurements within the image are then made relative to the inscribed 1cm grid lines to compensate for distortion resulting from non-parallelism between the film and object planes. The gray areas of the scale have a reflectance value of approx. 18%. Constructed from "L" shaped laminated plastic .03" thick. The mm markings are accurate to 0.1mm on inner edges. Overall size is 105mm x 105mme

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