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Night/Low Light Digital Photography  A 2-day practicum                      November 13-14, 2017  at NWU CPS, Evanston, IL

This is it!  A two day course, applying photographic basics to night and low light level assignments.  Students will apply camera functions and modes in calculating low light level exposures, multiple flash exposures and 'Painting with light' or combination of exposures. Both classes will be held in afternoon and evening hours. Both class nights will encompass classroom, indoor projects and actual night shoots. Topics include:

  • DSLR Operation/controls and settings
  • Existing/ambient light
  • External flash controls and operation
  • Tripod control and usage
  • Remotes/mods and operation
  • Low light operation
  • Multi-flash applications and calculations
  • 'Painting with light' and dual modes of operations
  • Night/Low light level applications and assignments

Students should bring a DSLR, remote, external flash, tripod and flashlight.