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Long Wave U-V Lamp No longer available

Price: $480.96
Item Number: 050
This high-intensity lamp has the highest output of all our UV lamps. It comes equipped with an eight foot primary cord, an eight foot secondary cord and a transformer base. The lamp head easily detaches from the metal handle of the transformer base for comfortable, hand-held use. For bench use, the lamp head mounts on the transformer base in a choice of two positions and can be rotated 360 degrees in both vertical and horizontal positions. Both the lamp head and base are housed in rugged aluminum. The 365nm spot bulb provides a concentrated beam with an operated intensity of 4,800u W/cm2 at 15". A heat/guard stand is recommended to help protect against accidental burn injury. It acts as a stand so that the lamp head may be placed filter-side down on a level surface without damage to the bulb. Lamp Weight: 2.5 lbs. Transformer Base Weight: 11.25 lbs
    CAUTION: UV Light Energy in the short wavelength can cause severe burns to unprotected skin and eyes. Protective clothing and eye wear should always be worn. This should include a lab coat with long sleeves, cotton or rubber/plastic gloves and a full face shield for skin protection. Goggles offer little protection to the skin of the face! Too much UV light exposure can cause conjunctivitis and large amounts of exposure to UV light absorbed into the eyes can cause ventricular cataracts.

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