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Photography as demonstrative evidence is a primary means of placing a jury at the crime scene.  Understanding the digital process is a must for the active forensic photographer. Digital photography requires an understanding of the fundamentals of photography and its subsequent application as a means of producing and introducing forensic evidence.
Due to requests from former students, I.A.F.T. Investigative Photography courses have been revised and combined into the Digital Forensic Photography Workshop. Digital Forensic Photography reinforces the fundamental principles of photography, while exploring digital applications in the forensic field.  This workshop is a comprehensive, hands-on course. 
COURSE CONTENT •The digital camera •Camera operation and accessories •File formats •Exposure techniques •White balance •Understanding resolution, noise and dynamic range •Lighting and digital flash techniques •The electromagnetic spectrum and color temperatures •Night and low-light forensic applications •Fluorescence documentation •Investigative documentation •Digital enhancement, color correction and printing •Displaying digital images and their use at trial •Student digital projects
Scheduled      November 5-9, 2018

         Location:                      Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Evanston Illinois
                                                                  Registration:  (800)323-4011                                                                                  
                                                                  More Information call 407.880.8149