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Crime Scene Technology Workshop I is the first of  the 'CST' series. 'CST Workshop I  a Multidiscipline approach to the crime scene process. Hailed by former students as the best and most complete, comprehensive course of its kind.   This hands-on workshop provides the fundamentals of the crime scene process.    'CST 1' is designed for the working technician, police officer and/or Investigator -  with emphasis on the development and enhancement of physical evidence. The use of proper tools and chemistry provides an gainful path to sensitivity and specificity  maximizing efforts in evidence development.   While this course is NOT a basic course, a review of the crime scene approach, search and process are provided.  The student should already have basic experience or training in crime scene evidence collection and processing techniques.  This program meets 40 hours of training as set in the requirements for Crime Scene Technician Certification through the International Association for Identification. 
Next Scheduled Workshops       October 14 - 18, 2019 and April 6-10, 2020
        Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Evanston, Illinois
        For registration information - call Registration Office - 1-800 323-4011
        Further information on this course - call Doje's Inc  (407) 880-8149