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Ceramic Cutlery

These ceramic knives are so perfect for meal preparation.  The rubberized handles are ergonomically designed for comfort preventing stress on the hands and wrists.  The blades are made of highly compressed zironium oxide.  The blade is extremely sharp and highly resistant to dulling,  These knives are a 'Must Have' for meal preparation.  We guarantee that these knives will be the most often used tool in your kitchen!  We recommend that the knives be washed under the faucet, dried and stored.  (The white blade makes it easy to see food particles left on the knife following use)  A bamboo cutting board - while not a necessity - is beneficial for prolonging the cutting edge. 
These knives are economical and beautifully presented in a handsome gift box. Great for gifts!!
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Two Piece Ceramic Santoku/Parer
Price: $30.85
Two Piece Ceramic Santoku/Parer
Ceramic Knives are made from the highest quality stabilized zirconium oxide material available in the world. The blades are meticulously edged to provide years of regular service without the need of sharpening. Available in White or Black Ceramic Blades