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Proper evaluation of blood stain evidence is a critical element in the reconstruction of a crime scene. This comprehensive 40-hour workshop is designed to assist the investigator in the documentation and identification of bloodstain patterns. Investigators must recognize stains and patterns of blood and institute methods to identify, document, and preserve the evidence. Preservation of stains and patterns can only be accomplished through notations, measurements, photography, and sketches prior to collection. Being familiar with blood stain evidence enables the investigator/technician to:

  • Develop well preserved scenes for future evaluation
  • Evaluate circumstances and statements
  • Reconstruct the chain of events involving bloodshed
  • Collect pertinent stains for analysis
  • Plan strategies, eliminate suspects, or objects
  • Prepare cases for trial
This course is designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, detectives, criminal laboratory personnel, and others responsible for identifying and documenting bloodstains as evidence in court at a crime scene.  Digital cameras are strongly recommended.
  • Laboratory study and preparation of documented standards of flight characteristics and stain patterns of blood.
  • Blood detection and collection techniques
  • Identification and documentation of stains and patterns through photography, sketch, and measurement
  • Illustration of bloodstain evidence through case presentations
Scheduled April 17 - May 1, 2020          Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Evanston Illinois
                                                                Registration:  (800)323-4011  
                                                                More information call Doje's Inc 407.880.8139