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Adhesive Mapping Symbols Booklet - NEW DESIGN

Price: $19.95
Item Number: 006

These adhesive mapping symbols are designed specifically to assist the crime scene photographer when documenting large areas containing bloodstains and patterns, such as walls and floors. They should be used in conjunction with larger scales and rulers - See our disposable photographic scales #001. Easily readable from several feet away. Disposable peel-off strips. The larger numerical and alphabetical symbols include vertical and horizontal metric scales. Excellent for photographic orientation during scene mapping process for bloodstains, fingerprints, bullet holes and other markings on most surfaces. Bold black symbols on a white non-glare background. Actual size of each large symbol is 1.5" x 2". Small numbers and arrows are .75" x 1".  Each large number and letter is repeated several times within the booklet. There are a total of 128 small numbers and 32 small arrows in each booklet.  A must as part of the tools for mapping crime scenes.

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