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Luminol Blood Dection 6 pack

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Luminol is a well-known and widely used method for the visualization of blood stains. This highly sensitive technique is commonly utilized to locate very dilute blood and areas where blood has been washed or wiped away. Luminol has also been used to visualize previously invisible bloody footwear impressions on crime scenes. However, Luminol has been problematic because of the tedious measuring and mixing required. Doje's has developed a pre-mixed and pre-measured formulation for luminol that removes the hassle. Just mix the two vials containing the Luminol formulation with water. Shake mixture gently and spray suspected areas with a pump sprayer or spray head. Doje's Luminol Reagent is packaged with six (6) applications. Our Luminol Reagent is available in 4oz, 8oz and 16oz formulations.

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