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Doje's Incorporated provides quality products at the lowest possible prices to the forensic community. All of the products sold here have been tested and recommended by experts actively engaged in their technical and forensic specialties. We strive to provide quality products and guaranteed satisfaction. We're your source for the crime scene supplies, laboratory supplies and the evidence collection tools you need.
Doje's Incorporated is owned and operated by natonally recognized forensic specialists each with over 40 years experience in crime scene technology and scene reconstruction.  All products specified as "DfS" are designed and developed by Doje's Incorporated.  The majority of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. - many of them are made in our plant.
DOJE'S IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE ADDITIION OF  MR. GERARDO BLOISE.  Gerardo has joined our company as a representative to Central, South America and the Caribbean.  Mr. Bloise has numerous years of experience in Crime Scene Technology and Evidence Development.  He provides forensic training to the International areas he represents.

Se Habla Español para mas informacion de los productos  llamar a  - G&J  Forensics LLC  407.608.3066 o para ordenes via fax (407)  703-4055 o efax

The Institute of Applied Forensic Technology is a network of specialists actively engaged in their field of disciplines - providing the highest level of training to investigators, technicians and other investigative specialists.